About Me

I am an Argentinian artist based in Toronto.

The way I treat glass is as if it were a human being, by respecting it and not pushing it. This allows me to understand its flow, displacement, behavior, and action up to its most intricate inner part – its core. That is why I always say, “Each time a piece leaves my studio I feel a little bit of my soul is going with it”.

I have been working with fused and cast glass techniques since 2000. Waterscapes, specially the ocean and my Jewish faith are the main sources of inspiration in my sculptural and functional current work. 

My passion is producing commission work for private and corporate clients. Glass was the key that opened the doors for my family and I into beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 years ago allowing us to start a new journey.

Beauty, simplicity, elegance and functionality are essential components in my designs. In my studio I’m always looking for that special blend of colour and texture that leads me to each piece of art I carefully design. 



Education / Training

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program, Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Canada Mortgage and Housing Co., Interculture Art Inc. Japan, Hilton Hotel, Japan, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office, Hogg Robinson’s Group North America, The Community IPerformance Awards, Canada Games, Canadian Cancer Society, Samsung Canada, Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Tourism Commission, Parks Canada 
Tourism, Atlantic Canada Airports Association, Hockey Day in Canada, Atlantic Jewish Council, Water’s Edge Restaurant 
Prince Edward Island, ADAPT Council,  Daniel Brenan Brickhouse Restaurant, Advisory Council Brand Essence Award, Stanhope Beach Resort, The Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts, Prince Edward Island Federal Council, Town of Stratford, PEI Business Women’s Association, Fall Flavours Prince Edward Island, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation, Delta Hotel Prince Edward Island, Chartered Professional Accountants of PEI

2021 Tall Vessels with Amanda Simmons

2015 Casting and Pate de Verre – Amanda Taylor, Batavia
2014 Introduction to Ceramics – Cobourg
2014 3D Printing – Hot Pop Factory, Toronto
2012 The Art of Photography – Anna Karpinski, Charlottetown
2012 Silk screen printing – Damien Worth, Charlottetown
2011 Beeswax workshop – Aganetha Dyck, Charlottetown
2010 Pate de Verre – Silvia Levenson, Montreal
2008 A day in Martin Kremer’s glass studio, New York
2001 Glass design – Susy Dorfman, Buenos Aires
2001 Kilncasting – Rita Neumann, Buenos Aires
2001 Lampworking – Raul Macsul, Buenos Aires
2001 Glassblowing – Raul Macsul, Buenos Aires
2000 2-year Glass Crafts and Design diploma program – Rita Neumann, Buenos Aires
1986 Hand painting ceramic and porcelain – Silvia Allende, Buenos Aires
1984 Naif painting – Aniko Szabo, Buenos Aires
1981 Interior Design, Panamerican School of Art, Buenos Aires