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Award-winning glass artist based in Ontario

Beauty, simplicity, elegance and functionality are essential components in Marcela Rosemberg’s designs. At her studio, she’s always looking for that special blend of colour and texture that leads her to each piece of art she carefully designs.

Marcela treats glass with respect, understanding, behavior, and action up to its most intricate part. It’s core. Read more >

  • "My brother, sister and I had the opportunity to take a class with Marcela at her studio in PEI. We loved every minute; Marcela is such a genuine, warm person. You can't help but love her! My sister loved the class so much that she is furthering her glass making here in the states! Thanks so much Marcela for thoroughly enhancing our PEI experience!" – Courtney L
  • "Yesterday, my daughter and I had the delightful experience of meeting Marcela Rosemberg for her Art in a Box Workshop. We were celebrating my daughter's birthday and wanted to do something I just knew we would both enjoy doing together. And we did! Marcela warmly welcomed us into her studio and engaged us into a fun, creative, enlightening, personal experience. We wished we could stay longer! We will return and take another class in the near future. The creative possibilities are endless, and it was time well spent together for my daughter and I. It was a pleasure to meet Marcela and learn about her passionate work. Can't wait to return! Thank you Marcela." – Jane C
  • "I had no expectations when I came into the class because I knew very little about fused glass. As soon as we arrived, Marcela was very warm and welcoming and you could not only see but feel the passion she has for the art of fused glass. This passion definitely rubbed off when it came time to create our own glass art. After spending a couple hours of explanation about the process and techniques required for fused glass, we were set free to create our art pieces. Although Marcela was there to help, she allowed us to follow our own creative compass and create whatever we wanted. There was no set design or pattern we had to follow and this led to all 8 participants to have very different art pieces at the end (and they were all spectacular!). Although a couple hours sounds long for explanation, it did not feel that long because Marcela spoke with great enthusiasm and mixed in stories of her life along the way. Also, the explanations are necessary so that when it does come time to create your own pieces you know what to do and you can create on your own. I would definitely participate in a workshop again and cannot wait to see my finished piece!" – Charlene M